Saturday, June 18, 2011

Snakes Alive With Snakehead Ed

I am so thankful for our library.  They have so many home school programs that we participate in.  Over the summer they have a great summer learning program.  This year the theme is outdoor adventures.  This activity was called "Snakes Alive with Snakehead Ed".  I took my son to it because he loves snakes.  He is in the middle picture petting a black snake.  The snake on the left is a Corn snake and the one on the right is a Coral snake.  We have several other summer learning activities to attend this summer.  I will try to post most of them.  I will be counting this events as school credit.  Hope you all enjoy!

 A boa snake to the left and a green
tree snake to the right.

This huge snake is named Melanie.

My youngest, Jordan was brave
enough to pose for the pic on the right!


  1. We too use the K12 program. I love snakes, so this would have been so up my alley. Hey, I replied to your post on my blog, and put a new picture of our broken legged baby girl bunny. She is doing sooooo well. Thanks for inquiring about her.

  2. Wow! I could not imagine a library in the Uk putting on such event. As there are not as many home-schooled children in the UK, the library would probably have to wait until our school holidays. But what an experience for the children. Thanks for post. Nina

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  5. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great comments! I will continue to post events that we do at our library throughout the summer. Hope you all can make it back!

  6. I love hanging out at our library too!!
    I'm a new follower from Voiceboks! Welcome!!
    Ro :)
    Have YOU had your Mom-ME Moment yet today?

  7. Oh I am such a library lover! Snake lover? Not so much. From VB. Following.